Save Time By Memorizing Expense Line Items for Future Use

Chrome River now has a new feature that allows users to "memorize" frequently used expense line items in order to easily add them to future reports. For example, a user who creates the same Parking expense every month would be able to tap MEMORIZE EXPENSE to have the item created as an Offline transaction in the ewallet.

1.    After saving the expense on an Expense Report, click it to open it in the right side panel of the document.


2.    Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner and then click "˜Memorize Expense".



3.    Confirm the entry by selecting "OK".  The expense item is now added to the ewallet and be used on future Expense Reports.









The next time you create a reimbursement with the same expense, go to the ewallet and

select ˜Offline. Check the box and then click "˜Add".



The expense will display where you can change the date, amount, and account allocation as needed. Click "Save" and the expense will be added to your report.



The memorized expense will remain in the ewallet and can be used again and again as needed.